Facsists And The Communists Don’t Like It, Nor Do The Democrats

What is it? It is allowing people that disagree with them to be heard.

Democrats pretty much have a lock on newspapers and television, with the exception of relatively small challenges from newspapers like the Washington Time and the Examiner. Fox gives them a run for their money on cable TV, but dealing with them can wait until they can deal with the larger threat of talk show hosts that insist on expressing unapproved ideas.

How are they planning on doing this? By making sure that no one is allowed to express any opinion on the radio that is not approved by a bunch Democrat appointed bureaucrats.

They claim it is to promote “fairness”. But when last the “Fairness Doctrine” prevailed it resulted in stations electing not to carry opinion programming at all. One way they can promote this under the “Fairness Doctrine” is to insure that opposite programing slots go to some repulsive opponents. When California was debating banning the State Government from using racial quotas to decide who got what, UCS Riverside held a “debate”. On one side they had those who opposed doing away with racial discrimination and to represent the people who supported the initiative the brought in former KKK Wizard David Duke.

If they get their “Fairness Doctrine” you can expect a lot of fringe dwellers to be appearing opposite liberal hosts. On the other hand, Rush can go out and find someone like Cindy Sheehan to be his co-host and she will become the latest punching bag, just as Duke and the like will be on liberal radio. It might be entertaining but it won’t meet anyone’s definition of “fair”. It will become such a bureaucratic nightmare for the station owners that they will give in and cease offering talk radio. With their compliant owners, editors and reports in other the newspaper and television news Democrats will be back where they were in their glory days of the “malaise” ridden late 70s.

So in the end what we’ll end up with will be government controlled media just like the Soviet Union, the Communist Chinese, and any number of dictators for life like Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and Saddam Hussein.

When Democrats talk about “Free Speech” what they mean is speech that is free of dissenting ideas or positions.

They don’t intent things to be “fair” any more than they intend to “clean up” Congress and end earmarks. The talks play well with the rubes back home but there’s no reason to actually do it as long as they are in charge and benefit from it.

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