First They Came For The Smokers, Because It Was “For The Children”

Washington state lawmakers consider law that would ban smoking in cars with kids inside

OLYMPIA, Wash. – A law being proposed to state legislators would ban smoking in a car if there are children inside.

Because Washington is a state that has nothing better to do than intrude into the parent-child relationship. It must be pretty heady stuff to be as smart and wonderful as a Washington State legislator.

State Representative Shay Schual-Berke compares it to drunk driving, saying you’re injuring your children for life if you smoke with them in your car.

Yes. I cannot count the number of times I have driven by the scene of an in-car smoking incident. The blood, the cries, the twisted wreckage, the broken bodies.

“Did you know that the poisons from secondhand smoke, which we know cause cancer in adults; we know cause asthma and bronchitis in children and adults, is also associated with sudden infant death syndrome?” she said. “I’ve seen people smoking and I’ve watched their children in the backseat coughing.”

We “all know” nothing of the kind. If Rep Schual-Berke had actually taken the time to check she would have found that the second-hand smoke research was baseed on faulty research that had to alter the statistical practices in order to come to their predetermined finding. But if she did that she might not be able to justify intruding into your family life.

Some are all for the ban, including Christina Porter, who says she’d never smoke with kids inside.

Would she support a law requiring her to smoke in the car if other people supported it? Or does she only support using the police powers of the government to force her whims onto others?

“No, not in a million years; that’s one of my biggest pet peeves,” she said. “Who else is going to protect the children if the parents aren’t going to do that themselves? It’s no different than saying we can’t smoke in a restaurant or a bar.”

It’s “For The Children” can be used to support any intrusion into the private lives of the citizenry. How about we have unanounced spot checks of the legislator’s homes and workplaces to insure that they’re not doing anything that someone, somewhere might disapprove of? After all, it’s OK if it’s “for the children.”

Others say it’s an invasion of privacy.

You know how those “others” are. They actually think that they can raise their children without the constant benevolant intrusion of elected officials. Aren’t they aware of the hundreds of thousands of child deaths each year due to the negligence of parents? What a bunch of selfish bastards.

It’s For The Children!! Damn it! And you had better get used to it because what your children are exposed to in the car is only the beginning.

“I really do not believe that a government should be insisting on laws like that. It’s just a little intrusive now, definitely,” said parent Bryan Bailon.

Another self centered selfish mouthbreather who needs to be silenced for his and his children’s own good. Let one of these people start making decisions for their children and the next thing you know they’ll be feeding their kids non-organic fruit.

Schual-Berke says you wouldn’t get pulled over just for smoking while your kids are in the car. But you could face roughly a $100 fine if you’re caught after you’re pulled over for something else. She says the law is needed to protect children.

Do you really think that would last? I can remember the first seatbelt laws here in Oregon. It wasn’t a primary offense either. You could not get pulled over for it. Now we have “click it or ticket”. How many years would it take for the legislature to change that? “For The Children” Of course.

Several states already banned smoking in cars with children, including California and Alabama. Supporters of a ban here say 27 other states are considering a similar ban.

Which means what exactly? Didn’t your mother ever tell you that just because your friends jumped off a bridge was no reason to do it yourself? Or didn’t you listen to your mother because she was not a State Legislator?

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