Ummmm Hillary?

American Thinker: Irony of Ironies

Obscured by the protracted and fundamentally pointless squabbling over race, punctuated for comic relief by Bubba’s ham-fisted bad-cop routine, is the ultimate irony of the campaign. As ironies go, it doesn’t get better than this. For almost five years, the mantra of the hard-left, too often parroted by shameless liberal Democrats, has been “Bush lied!” Shouted incessantly, it’s from the Joseph Goebbels playbook, an outrageous Big Lie that insults everyone’s intelligence. Obviously, Bush expected to find WMD in Iraq; he wasn’t trying to sabotage his own re-election bid. But, although Republican candidates will defend Bush, with varying degrees of enthusiasm and conviction, and Democrats will continue to press the theme that Bush “misled” the country (the hapless George McGovern has emerged from the dreams of graying radicals to demand Bush’s impeachment), there is one candidate in the race who knows with absolute certainty that the intelligence on Iraq as of January 20, 2001 had not changed from the time of Operation Desert Fox in November 1998. There is one candidate who knows-not merely believes, but knows for a fact– that America’s intelligence-gathering agencies felt that Saddam retained WMD.

Can you guess her name?

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