But I Thought It Was Bush’s Fault?

Citizen Soldiers – TIME

Schwarzenegger and California are once again doing what the rest of the country shoulda coulda done but didn’t. After Hurricane Katrina, the secret was out that government alone would never be able to manage big disasters. First responders like firefighters and police make up less than 1% of the population. They cannot be everywhere–or even most places. So the vast majority of rescues are done by regular people.

If the response to Katrina was Bush’s fault, then how could having citizens respond help? Weren’t we told that it was FEMAs job to help us, the government’s job to send buses to carry us out, and the National Guard’s place to provide food and shelter for us?

But when the Big One shakes down California, people will be on their own–in the preindustrial sense–for three to five days: no electricity, gas, running water or phone service. Everyone will be a volunteer, which will be a euphemism for survivor.

Three to five days for help to arrive? Isn’t that what happened after Katrina? If that was due to incompetance then they’re telling us is that they plan to be just as inefficient as Bush?

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