Fatal Misconception

In a review of a book documenting the damage done by “family planners” over the years, Nicholas Kristoff argues that, well yes, they were racist, sexist, backed forced steriliztion and frequently did an incredible amount of damage to the very people they purported to help.

But that’s all behind them now.

And how do we know all this? Because Kristoff tells us, thats how.

Fatal Misconception – Matthew Connelly – Book Review – New York Times

It’s certainly fair of Connelly to dredge up the forced sterilizations, the casual disregard for injuries caused by IUDs, the racism and sexism and all the rest — but we also need to remember that all that is history. The family planning movement has corrected itself, and today it saves the lives of women in poor countries and is central to efforts to reduce poverty worldwide.

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