When a Quota Is Not A Quota.

Delegate Selection Overview – The California Democratic Party

How a Democrat Becomes a Delegate in California in 2008.

The Democratic National Convention will be held August 25-28, 2008 in Denver, Colorado Pepsi Center. At present, there are 4,367 delegate slots nationally this number will change. Each state must have a Delegation which is 50% female, 50% male or within one, and must have a Delegate Selection Plan that includes Affirmative Action Goals (quotas are prohibited).

California Democrats will have:
441 Delegates 221 females, 220 males
62 Alternates 31 females, 31 males
503 TOTAL 252 females, 251 males

08 Affirmative Action Goals

Hispanic/Latino 26%
LGBT 12%
African-American 16%
Youth Under 30 10%
Asian/Pacific Islander 9% those born 8/29/78 or later
Native American 1%
Persons wih Disabilities 10%

Affirmative action goals are okay, but not quotas.
But just exactly what is a “quota?”

From Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Main Entry: quo·ta
Pronunciation: \ˈkwō-tə\
Function: noun
Etymology: Medieval Latin, from Latin quota pars how great a part
Date: 1618
1: a proportional part or share; especially : the share or proportion assigned to each in a division or to each member of a body
2: the number or amount constituting a proportional share
3: a fixed number or percentage of minority group members or women needed to meet the requirements of affirmative action

So according to the dictionary definition of “Quota,” an “affirmative action goal” is a type of quota.

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