Green Fascism, Right On Our Borders

Earth Hour and Harvesting Green Votes

Between 8 and 9 tonight, I’ll be doing what I usually do at that time:
I’ll be out with my wife walking our two dogs 5km around our small town.Tonight, however, I’ll be looking at my neighbours’ windows to see which ones are participating in Earth Hour.

Fascism is alive and well, right next door in Canada.

So this Green Nazi will be prowling his neighborhood noting who is “green” and who is not. And no doubt he will be making a list to turn in to his Green blockfuhrer in order to determine who will be targeted should they get the power. Kind of like some demented Santa Claus, if Santa Claus wasn’t a religious based figure that is emblematic of the wastefulness of western society and the rape of Mother Earth by the pallid hordes of Capitalism.

I have an idea! Let’s all note who is participating in these “green” events and note their names so that we can make sure that they are making the sacrifices that they so fervently wish upon the rest of us.

That way, when their little weather control schemes collapse, as they will. We can point out that it is simply because they failed to make enough sacrifices. Unless, of course, they do stop contributing carbon to the atmosphere. In which case we won’t pay any attention to them because they’re dead.

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