I sense the direction things are going to take.

Americans want to give the Afghan people the benefit of our system of democratic elections and form of government. There has to be an underlying respect for the law and an impartial court system to enforce the law.

None of these conditions exist or are likely to suddenly appear in a place like Afghanistan. Down the road there will be much wailing and rending of garments because the Afghans which are allied to the U.S. are not much better that the Taliban themselves. The fact is that minus the second coming of the Messiah, there is unlikely to be anyone in the area that can be considered to be worthy of the support of the U.S. This will be discussed ad nausem on the nightly news and by the presidents opponents every chance they get.

President Bush will be beaten from pillory to post for getting the U.S.
involved in the area without any idea of how to get out. He will be excoriated
for allying the U.S. to a bunch of ruffians that have no idea of fairness and
respect for others.