And Speaking Of “Glowball Warmening”; How’d That Whole “Earth Hour” Thing Work Out?

Earth Hour crashes to Earth | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

Credit the public with sense. Earth Hour, hysterically promoted by The Age, the Sydney Morning Herald, the ABC, SBS, Sky News and the federal and state governments, resulted in no significant fall in power usage.

This is in Australia. But I think the results would be similar in any civilized nation.
As I have said before, the public will never cut back on energy use voluntarily. The only way they are going to get their reduction is by using force. Either coercion by regulation and fines or actual physical force. Look at theĀ progress that can be gained with an enlightened leadership.

You know, it wasn’t all that long ago that the invention of the electric light bulb was considered one of the premier acomplishments of the 20th Century. That it was technology like electricl lights, running water and automobiles changed the world from the struggle for mere subsistance into a place where ordinary people have the leisure and the wealth to indulge their desire for more than the bare minimums to support life.

Now, it seems, we are being urged to cast it all aside and return to some fabled past where we all lived in harmony with nature. A past that has never existed anywhere at any time.

Welcome to the Brave New World.

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