The Latest Excuse For Fatties

Inertia at the Top

The problem at first was that the problem was ignored: For almost two decades, young people in the United States got fatter and fatter — ate more, sat more — and nobody seemed to notice. Not parents or schools, not medical groups or the government.But since the alarm was finally sounded in the late 1990s, the problem has been the country’s reaction: a fragmented, inchoate response that critics say has suffered particularly from inadequate direction and dollars at the federal level.

That’s right. It’s no longer the individual’s fault they’re obese. It’s the government’s.

Since the “alarm” wasn’t sounded until the “late 1990s” President Clinton didn’t have a chance to address it. That means that the problem was not handled correctly by the Bush administration.

Whaddya know? It is George W. Bush’s fault again! Whodathunkit?

He let himself be distracted by minor events like 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea and Iran. Why’d he waste time with religious fanatics and crazies developing nuclear weapons when we have this existential problem developing here at home?

Obama won’t make that mistake. He will know that it is more important to have surveillance on citizens refrigerators and grocery carts than it is to listen to people communicating with terrorists.

I think a good place to start would be the Federal public employees. They came out with height and weight standards for the military clear back in the 1970s. It’s about time they applied those to the Federal civilian workforce. In fact, the White House and the Congressional staffers would be the logical place to start.

Obama can require each employee to meet height and weight standards or be terminated without regard to job performance. It is imperative that the example be set.

If we allow members of our government workforce to be overweight, we can’t expect other countries to say “OK”.

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