Democrat Show Trials Mainly Show Politician’s Ignorance

Senate hearing grills Big Oil leaders-

KEVIN G. HALL WASHINGTON — In what’s becoming a ritual in the nation’s capital, top executives of major oil companies took an oath Wednesday before the snapping cameras, received a heaping of verbal abuse by lawmakers from both parties and defensively blamed Congress for many of today’s energy woes.

But those grandstanding politicians did accomplish what they set out to do. Making sure that everyone in the country knows that they’re “doing something”.

Frankly, if they just all went up to Martha’s Vineyard to sexually harass their female staffers as usual, it would have about the same impact.

I just hope they stick to grandstanding and not try a legislative fix, like nationalizing the oil companies as Maxine “Hugo” Waters threatened. I thought that issue was settled back in the Truman administration. I guess that only ruled that the President couldn’t do it unilaterally, but the Congress could under some circumstances.

But if Congress thinks they can do better than the oil companies and does nationalize them. They had better do better. If they don’t (and they can’t) they will expose themselves as egotistical, incompetent windbags.

But there’s not much danger of that. No politician is going to put himself in a position where he is actually going to have to accomplish anything. They know their limitations in that regard.

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