We Might Begin At Home. The Researcher’s Home’s That Is

State aid to immigrants lags, UO study says- OregonLive.com

Oregon is trailing other states in helping integrate its growing immigrant population, a new University of Oregon study shows.Between 1990 and 2000, the Latino population doubled in 21 of Oregon’s 36 counties. The total foreign-born population now makes up more than 10 percent of the state’s population. By 2020, Latinos are expected to compose about 30 percent of the state’s student population.

Yet, Oregon has not done enough to expand existing social services, promote language programs, improve school curriculums, curb work-site abuse and create local and state task forces, researchers say.

Well, because the research was done by UO it would make sense to examine the UO workplace and the neighborhoods where they live and make sure they are sufficiently diverse.

Another way to go would be to encourage more immigration from the non-Hispanic world. There is no reason that Latinos should benefit more than other ethnic groups simply because they come from corrupt, failed countries which are unable to care for their own people. If they all come here, who’s going to change things back home.

No, we need to cut down on the Hispanics and open our doors to more Asians, particularly educated Chinese and Indians. Right now they have to compete for those H2 visas in order to come here while the Latino’s just walk in across the border without having any credentials.

I’m sure that we could attract educated Asians, Africans and Eastern Europeans who would be willing to perform the skilled jobs available for much less money. Of course it goes without saying that government benefits should only be paid to workers who are here legally.

Then we can have programs to benefit skilled American workers who will no longer do those jobs.

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