Damn It, Pfleger! Don’t Let Them Tape!

Primary Election blog – Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Sen. Barack Obama issued a statement this afternoon after a video tape emerged showing Father Michael Pfleger, a Roman Catholic priest, ‘speechifying’ from the pulpit of the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago.In the statement Obama said he was “deeply disappointed” in Pfleger after his sermon was captured on videotape showing the priest mocking Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and white people from the pulpit of Trinity, the home church of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Sen. Obama.

But I’m sure that he has never heard Father Pfleger express such sentiments before.

There is no way that Obama will succumb to the urge to right historic racial wrongs when he is elected President. There is no way that he will allow such people as Rev Wright and Father Pfleger to influence his policies.


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