Intent Be Damned!

CAJ applies to intervene in Maclean’s human rights case

OTTAWA, May 29 /CNW/ – The Canadian Association of Journalists has formally applied for standing as an intervenor at the upcoming British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal hearings on a complaint of religious and racial discrimination against Maclean’s magazine

I am glad to see that the journalists are finally getting involved in the case for Free Expression. But I am not too pleased with one of their arguments.

One argument the CAJ hopes to make is that human rights cases under section 7 must consider the intent of the writer in assessing published material.

Intent be damned! I believe that Ezra Levant made that quite clear during his inquisition at the hands of the Canadian Inquisition.

The CAJ seems to accept that the human rights commissions have the right to censor the publication of any opinion that is contrary to the PC opinion du jour. If they have the right,then there is no free speech. There is only speech that has been approved by the government.

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