Who Cares About McClellan? We Need To Talk To Craig Livingstone.

Althouse: “I Knew It Was a Terrible Mistake, but I Didn’t Mention It Until I Got a Book Contract.”

The “most tedious” of 3 annoying types of political memoir, according to this NYT editorial. (The other 2 are: “‘I Reveal the Honest Truth’ a kiss-up-and-tell designed to settle scores (nod to honesty optional)” and “‘I Was There at the Start,’ designed to make the author appear to be the linchpin of history.”) Like the NYT, I can’t get past the rank venality of McClellan’s project.And does McClellan add anything to the discourse?

What McClellan did was terrible. But he was probably upset about how he was portrayed in Frank J’s “In My World“.

Now Craig Livingstone, there’s a man that knows how to keep his mouth shut.

Not that anyone that wants to continue working in the news media would dare to talk to him.

He just lives happily at his undisclosed location and cashes the checks that don’t come from the Clinton’s every month.

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