UN food chief roasts ‘overfed’ West

UN food agency chief Jacques Diouf said today that billions of dollars are being wasted on feeding obese people in the West while millions starve around the world.”No one understands… how over-consumption by obese people in the world costs $20 billion each year,” the head of the Food and Agriculture Organisation told an international summit on the food price crisis.

I don’t get a check from the UN to pay for my food. Do you?

So why should we care?

We should care because it shows the mindset of these UN bureaucrats. How does it “cost $20 Billion a year”? It’s not their money? If I decide to spend less on food, that doesn’t make one dollar more available to buy food for people in Africa or anywhere else.

But in the minds of the UN, ALL money is their money. Because it is THEIR money, you spending too much on food, or anything else for that matter, means they have less to dole out to others.

Day by day, inch by inch. They’re going to take everything you have and use it as THEY please.

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