I Guess They’ll Believe Anything

A Gen X response to Barack Obama | Salon Life

Al Gore had the election stolen right out of his hands in Florida, and then the twin towers collapsed before our eyes.

Someone said that the danger isn’t people that don’t beleive anything; it’s people that will believe anything.

About two-thirds through this somewhat juvenile paean to Obama are two of the most egregious examples of misconstrued reality that have become common in the last eight years.

Gore did not win the election, George W. Bush did.

 Bush won under the rules in effect at the time of the election. Gore (who had already conceded then retracted his concession) parachuted hoards of lawyers into Florida and started a campaign to delegitimize ballots of people who had voted for anyone other than Gore. His team did not follow the already-in-effect rules which would have triggered a state-wide recount. His team demanded that the only ballots from Democrat heavy areas be recounted and that any ruined or unclear ballots be counted for Gore. His lawyers also did their best to find technicalities to disqualify ballots from the military. (Still a sore point with many veterans.)

The Gore campaign got a judgement from the Florida Supreme Court that would have given them everything they wanted. At this point the Bush lawyers appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. So much for the myth of Bush stealing the election in the courts. All he did was prevent Gore lawyers from counting and recounting until they came up with a number they liked. They were more successful at this in Washington State.

The Supremes decided seven to two that the Florida Supreme Court’s decision what a violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. They decided 5-4 that no fair alternative method of counting the vote was possible under the statutory time limits. The time limits were one of the laws that Gore wanted set aside so they could count until they won.

If Gore has not thrown everything into the courts there would have been the statewide recount that was provided for in the election laws in force at the time of the election. A later recount funded by news agencies found that Bush had in fact won.

So much for “stolen.”

The second is even more egregious. I understand that most of the Gen-Xers were small children in 2001. But Geez! “the collapse of the Twin Towers?”

I think there was a little more to that than a collapse of a couple of buildings. There was something about airplanes and hijackers and “Allah Akbar!.” OK they were young then, but they’re not now. Why act like the attack on the WTC was just some kind of tragedy like a storm or not getting tickets to the latest grunge band concert?

Since the 2000 election there has been a marked slant in the news coverage about the Bush administration. They have been presented in the worst possible way at every chance. The only time it died down was just after 9/11 when people were thanking their lucky stars that Al Gore was not President.

That was a temporary thing. The propaganda war against Bush reignited as soon as enough time had passed to allow them to safely come out of hiding. It took a long time, and admittedly Bush did some things which should be held against him. Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantomano are not among them. Unless you think that the correct response to an attack like that is to go out and hold candles in dixie cups while weeping.

Both the boomers and the GenXers need to get over themselves.

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