The Captain’s Journal » How Many Troops Can We Logistically Support in Afghanistan?

This is something I have brought up several times in discussions about Afghanistan. But it is something that seems to get brushed aside with alarming regularity.

But it is difficult to impossible to attack and clear an enemy from the area when you don’t have enough “beans and bullets” for your troops.

This posting doesn’t exactly address the problem. But at least it admits that it could be a problem.

The old saw is “Captain’s study tactics; Generals study logistics.

Cutting an opponents supply route is an ancient and still effect means of defeating them. That is effectively what the U.S. Congress did to the South Vietnamese in 1973. They cut their supply lines while the North was still receiving full support (including tanks and fuel) from their allies. The result was inevitable.

It wasn’t the fighting ability (see the Battle of Xuan Loc) but the ability to keep the troops supplied that decided the outcome there.

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