The Smartest Man In The Room Is Not Always Right.

Book Review – ‘Lessons in Disaster – McGeorge Bundy and the Path to War in Vietnam,’ by Gordon M. Goldstein – Review –

In Ambassador Porter’s dining room that night were people far less intelligent than Bundy, but they lived in Vietnam, and they knew things he did not. Yet if they could not present their views in quick and clever ways, Bundy either cut them off or ignored them. A decade later, after I had left the government, I wrote a short essay for Harper’s Magazine titled “The Smartest Man in the Room Is Not Always Right.” I had Bundy — and that evening — in mind.

Gee. Haven’t we been told ad nauseum that the problem with George W Bush is that he is not a smart as Al Gore or John Kerry?

Aren’t the Democrats always pointing out Obama’s academic record, his acheivement of being the editor of the Harvard Law Review, and pooh poohing any concern about his lack of any achievments? Aren’t they always telling us not to worry because Obama is really, really, really smart?

Actually the lesson of the Vietnam War is that the Democrats will sell you out in a heartbeat if the going gets tough. Their 1973 cutoff of aid to SE Asia was not intended to get the U.S. out of the war. The combat troops were already gone. It was intended to insure that the North Vietnamese would win.

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