Transition Time

Govt House cleansed in religious rituals

Nine Buddhist monks yesterday chanted prayers to remove “bad elements” from Government House.The prayers were also intended to bring blessings on the compound, which had been besieged by the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) for weeks.

Recent inspections at Government House found PAD demonstrators had performed rituals during their occupation.

A Brahma statue, revered by Government House officials, was covered in a black cloth. Some of the statue’s eyes were plastered with cement and painted in gold. Some other eyes were removed.

Black mystic symbols were also affixed to many corners of Government House, and there are other traces of rituals.

“We will perform counter-rituals to ask for good luck,” Pongsak Siriwong said yesterday as the head of the Government House building-and-security unit.

That’s what Bush should have done when he took over from Clinton. Unfortunately the bad aura that hung over the White House had its effect.

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