A Comfy Press Is A Happy Press And A Happy Press Is A Friendly Press

One thing that Obama seems to be good at is keeping the press happy. He does this in two ways, he is a Democrat, which automatically gives him a huge edge, and he makes sure to go places where the press corps can get drinks and manicures. Can’t appear on camera with a hangnail.

White House Press Corps Faces Unique Challenges in Hawaii – washingtonpost.com

“What a difference a year makes,” exults NBC White House correspondent Savannah Guthrie, leaning back in a padded armchair on a veranda overlooking the Pacific.

“No offense to the people of Crawford, Texas, but taking the presidential retreat from Crawford to Honolulu is change anyone can believe in,” Henry says, borrowing a phrase from Obama’s campaign.

When George W Bush was elected, he didn’t waste any time on sucking up to the press. Of course, he is a Republican, which is viewed as inexcusable in the eyes of the press and he had defeated the anointed successor, Al Gore. Who the press had made clear was their favorite. Making nice with the press would have been a waste of time.

His choice of Crawford for his ranch was calculated to put the press in an uncomfortable climate, and it worked. I don’t know if the press would have treated him better if he had not forced them to hang around Crawford, but I kind of doubt it.

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