I Think He Has A Point

It Doesn’t Compute… – Victor Davis Hanson – The Corner on National Review Online

I’m very puzzled by the nexus between the current downturn and concern about global warming. Given that we were told we had to immediately cut back on carbon emissions (even before sustainable alternative energies are in place), largely by curbing our lavish energy-dependent lifestyles, why then all the concern about stimuli and global depression? Surely, the world right now is sort of what the radical Gorists wanted to see, since the current cutback in gasoline usage, and general economic slowdown are radically restricting the burning of fossil fuels in a manner that even the most optimistic green utopian could hardly have envisioned just few years ago? In other words, in the booming 2004-6 years, radical suggested scale-backs would have probably led to something akin to what we are experiencing now? So why the gloom instead of headlines blaring—”The Planet Continues to Green—as Archaic Consumption Practices Erode Further!”

That’s true. This economic downturn, recession or depression or whatever they want to call us, is exactly what the environmentalists have been wanting for years. I think I have made the point before, no factories, no jobs, no commute equals less carbon emissions.

Of course, I don’t think that those who lost their jobs and may lose their ecologically wasteful homes will have a great appreciation for their role in saving the planet. People are funny that way.

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