I Wonder If People Realize What A Huge Favor Bush Did For Obama?

US reaches deal on Afghan supply routes to troops

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Russia and neighboring Central Asian nations have agreed to let supplies pass through their territory to American soldiers in Afghanistan, lessening Washington’s dependence on dangerous routes through Pakistan, a top U.S. commander said Tuesday.

The problem of insuring safe supply routes to Afghanistan has been one of the biggest thorns in our side since the closing of K2. But now the Bush State Department has made an agreement for another route so they don’t have to rely only on the routes from Karachi.

That can be good and bad. Good that we have the supply routes and the bad we won’t know until we find out what was given to achieve that. One thing we know is that Russia didn’t do it because they wish us well. Maybe they think we are going to fail as badly as they did and want to help us along for that reason.

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