The Non-Stimulus Stimulus

Looking over the “stimulus” bill I have noticed a lot of things that I wouldn’t consider “stimulus.”

A “stimulus” is something like when you were teaching your kids to ride a bike. You run along side them pushing them until they can go on their own. Once they get going they don’t need for you to push anymore and can operate on their own.

But the “stimulus” bill doesn’t seem to operate like than. In the post below I went through a lot of the stuff that is in the bill and commented on them.

A “stimulus” bill should give an initial push until the economy can operate on its own. But this bill is chock full of funding for normal recurring expenses. There’s Operations and Maintenance funds for the military. This is their normal operating funds. It’s not a “push” since they receive the funding ever year and will continue to. Where is the “stimulus” in that?

If something is truly a “stimulus” they won’t need to come back year after year to get additional funding.

This “stimulus,” as unaffordable as it is, is only a down payment on funding that will continue for decades if not centuries. That is not a stimulus.

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