A Hint That This “Stimulus” Might Not Have Been Thought Through

Stimulus Plan: Non-Existent Unemployed Climate Modelers Get $140 Million » The Foundry

President Barack Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus plan, has morphed into an appropriations bill devoid of debate. The process forgoes any pretense of targeting unemployed people and resources.

For instance, the bill reads “Provided further, That not less than $140,000,000 shall be available for climate data modeling.” This raises the question of how many unemployed climate modelers are out there pounding the pavement.

When presented with that question, last Friday, Pat Michaels, former president of the American Association of State Climatologists stated “I don’t know one unemployed modeler.”

Whether or not another $140,000,000 for climate data modeling is a good idea, it is hard to see an immediate, economy-stimulating impact from this item.

When the “Big Dig” was required to have “inspectors” and none were available, they took office workers and made them “inspectors.”

In this case, the need to provide stimulus for “climate modelers” could provide jobs for the illegals down at Home Depot. They could just call them “climate modelers” and make them kick back part of their salary.

The climate studies usually take place a universities. Party Time!!

Pretty slick.

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