The Quality Of This Debate Is Sadly Lacking

This is a record of the debate over the “stimulus bill” in the House.

It would appear to me that the plebes have discovered that they can vote themselves funds from the public treasury. Increased spending and borrowing is what got us to this point and running up the credit card to do more spending is not the way to go.

What do they have to worry about? It’s not their money. It’s not even going into their own pockets. It goes to organizations that will be generous to theses fools come election day.

This is not going to work and will have terrible consequences. I think when the other shoe drops that the first thing that ought to be on the table is the pensions of elected Federal officials.

As an example of the vacuousness shown by our illustrious Princelets take Portland’s contribution to theis freak show.

GovTrack: House Record: AMERICAN RECOVERY AND REINVESTMENT ACT OF 2009 (111-h20090128-20)
I listened to my friend from Indiana wondering what could possibly have economic impact investing in the arts or climate change. Well, I don’t know what is going on in Indiana, but if you talk to the arts groups in Oregon or in Massachusetts or in New York or Illinois, they will tell you that investments there will produce economic activity in areas that are strained and underserved.

In answer to the question of what economic stimulus would result from handouts to The Arts, we get the devastating reply that the people who would receive the handouts assure us that it will.

That’s not a reply, that’s a wish.

I gather from this example of Congressional rhetoric that in order to receive this largess from the public treasury, (actually the treasury of future generations) is to assure whatever Democrat officeholder you contact that, sure, “I hold the title to that bridge” and it will be his as soon as his check clears.

The remaining Republicans are in there trying to squeeze in some tax cuts, which would actually go to real people, but their powder is wet from their previous six year spendathon.

Blumenidiot isn’t the only one spouting inanities The debate is chock full of them.

Check out the Gov.track website. They will send you updates that allow you to stay on top of the various stupidities that go on in our name daily.

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