My Congressman and Senators Don’t Think They Need To.

Pray Your Members of Congress Took Speed Reading Lessons : The Sundries Shack

It is now 7 PM and the Democrats in Congress have yet to give their Republican counterparts a copy of the final Stimulus Bill for them to read. Steny Hoyer says that the House is going to move toward a vote starting at 9 AM tomorrow.

Today’s version of the bill clocks in at 1,434 pages and that’s not the final version. What Congress will likely vote on tomorrow (because President Obama has practically demanded that he sign it on Monday) is likely going to be larger.

My Congressman is Peter DeFazio and my Senators are Ron Wyden and some guy named Merkley. They don’t speedboat and they don’t think they need to. They’re Democrats.

I think a nice thing for everyone to do would be to pick sections of the bill and write them asking detailed questions and reasons for something was included in the bill, since the justification given is “stimulus.”

Here’s a link to both versions with some commentary. The Democrats haven’t released the text of the 1,434 page bill that they want everyone to vote on tomorrow. I guess those promises to make sure all bill were posted for 48 hrs before the vote were just so much Washington bilge water. But it points out how well the Democrats keep their promises.

Remember what Larry Summers said; “Temporary, Targeted and Timely” I beleive he mentioned as the criterea for “stimulus”. Write your Congressmen and ask them why the military appropriations for Operations and Maintenance (a recurring expense) is included as part of a “stimulus”. You could also ask them about the board who will be appointed to oversee our medical care and insure that we don’t use non-approved treatments or medicine. (Say goodbye to those cutting edge drugs and treatments. No incentive to do that anymore)

I’m sure that with very little effort you can find all kinds of things to question them about.

Don’t get nasty and watch your language. Be polite and ask the question without rancor. Just be specific about what you are asking about and insist that you get an answer. For best effect write only your own Senators and Congressmen. They normally won’t answer people from outside their districts.

You want to put your own Senator or Congressman on the spot. Let them know that their answers, or lack of them, will be posted on a blog. If you don’t have a blog put it on someone else’s. Ask the proprietor, of course. I think that most would have no problem wit that.

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