Skullduggery! What Happened To E-Verify?

Several times I have posted supporting the requirement that contractors receiving funds under the “stimulus” bill be required to use e-verify to ensure that their workers are citizens or legal residents.

It seemed to me to be a no-brainer and not too intrusive.

I was amazed to find out that it indeed was part of the House Bill. At least our “stimulus” money would be stimulating our economy instead of Mexico’s. We send quite enough their was through the use of narcotics. Why send more?

But somewhere in the House version and the final bill, it disappeared. No one seems to know what happened to it. They assure us that they checked the conference room and looked under the table, but it just got lost and no one seems to know what happened.

I think we need to know. I am going to write my Senators (both Democrats) asking them to find out. I suggest that everyone write to their Senators too. Someone knows what happened to it.


Mr. Sessions: E-Verify is being used by over 100,000 businesses across America. It is a free, voluntary system set up by the Department Homeland Security. E-Verify allows any employer who has an interest in making sure they hire legal workers to simply punch in the Social Security number, and within a few minutes it shows whether there is a problem with that number. Ninety-six percent of the persons queried are approved immediately.

Employers can feel good, even feel safe in hiring those approved by the system, even though that is not absolute proof of the legal status of that applicant.

I simply want to offer in this amendment exactly the same language that was accepted, without a vote, in the House bill. Furthermore, the language that extends the E-Verify program passed the House by a vote of 407 to 2 last July. The amendment simply extends the E-verify program, No. 1, and also says that if a company gets stimulus money, money which is supposed to create jobs for Americans, they ought to take the 2 minutes to check to make sure that the people they are hiring are lawfully here. We want to make sure that only citizens and people who are here legally can be hired. This includes green card holders and temporary workers who are here on valid visas. This amendment would ensure that only people who are illegally here don’t get hired.

The leadership in the Senate, for some reason, has made up their minds that they are not going to let us vote on it. If we had a vote on it, it would pass. It already passed the House, and if it passes the Senate, it must be a part of the final bill. It cannot be taken out in conference without real sculduggery undertaken, and I think it would be in the final bill.

The game here is clearly to subtly and otherwise keep this vote from occurring, let this bill be forced out of here. It will not be in the Senate bill. It will be in the House bill. And the conferees will meet and they will decide to take it out. That is what is happening. If the American people want to know, if the Members of Congress would like to know why people are so upset with us, it is this kind of game playing. All the Members of the House who voted for it can tell their constituents: I voted for it. I don’t know why it wasn’t in final passage. And people in the Senate could say: I didn’t vote on it. I would have been for it if I didn’t get to vote. But the net result is it is not part of the law.

I cannot imagine why persons would not want this amendment to be in any legislation that would at least take the steps to see that those who are illegally in the country do not get this money.

What kind of skullduggery happened behind those closed doors? Any why were the doors closed in the first place? What happened to “transparency”? Or was that just empty rhetoric for the rubes?

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