Come For The Steyn, Stay For The Whiners.

Agency review: Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario

This is a transcript of the Ontario Legislative Assembly reviewing the actions of the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.

Steyn, as usual, makes a witty, cogent case for Free Speech. But although a couple of the legislators cross wits with him, it is plain that they came half armed.

From then on it’s as if he never spoke. The rest of the testimony is from the slickest bunch of professional whiners as you would ever care to meet. (If you cared to meet them. Which I wouldn’t advise)

It seems that these “Human Rights” cases are a club that they use to prevent anyone from questioning them or expressing anything but compliance.

Read it. It’s pure bureaucratspeak other than Steyn’s testimony. It’s pretty plain that there is one standard for the politically correct and protected groups and another for everyone else.

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