Welcome To The Third World. Courtesy Of The Environmental Lobby

EPA May Reverse Bush, Limit Carbon Emissions From Coal-Fired Plants – washingtonpost.com

The Environmental Protection Agency will reopen the possibility of regulating carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants, tossing aside a December Bush administration memorandum that declared that the agency would not limit the emissions.

The decision could mark the first step toward placing limits on greenhouse gases emitted by coal plants, an issue that has been hotly contested by the coal industry and environmentalists since April 2007, when the Supreme Court ruled that carbon dioxide should be considered a pollutant under the Clean Air Act.

The result? Higher electricity prices for openers. And what if the “Utility Board” won’t allow the rate to rise enough to cover the extra expense?

Then there is the very real possibility that some power utilities that depend on coal burning generating plants (which is most of them), might be forced into bankruptcy.

There are two possible outcomes to bankruptcy. One is that someone buys them out and restructures, a slim to non-existent possibility given their regulatory burden.

Or they might just shut down resulting in blackouts and brownouts until other sources of power are found. But since every other utility would be doing the same thing, the price of other power would skyrocket. Which they would have to pass on to the ratepayers if the Utility Board allowed them to. If not, we’re back to blackouts and brownouts.

The people that are invested in “alternative power,” like Al Gore, will clean up. Their power might be expensive and unreliable, but when you have the government kneecap your competition, it doesn’t matter.

What next? Obviously the country can’t run without power. So Obama, or Kulongoski, will ride to the rescue by having the government nationalize the power grid.

Then it will be an “emergency” and they will only be doing it to save us.

Goodbye America. Hello Cuba.

We’re toast.

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