True Dat!

Mark Steyn

The first two months of the Age of the Hopeychange have been an eye-opener. I expected it to be ideologically distasteful to me, but I didn’t expect it to be so inept. Not because I had any expectations of President Obama’s executive skills. But I assumed he’d have folks around him who could take care of details like governing, while he pranced around as the smiley-face hopeychange frontman. But the bench is still empty save for a handful of mediocrities. And the disconnect between the smoothly scripted mush and what’s actually happening makes the telepromptered cool look even more ridiculous.

Like Mark, I voted for the other guy. When he lost I shrugged. Obama might be a leftist, but he’s not stupid.

Well, I still think he’s not stupid. But I don’t think there is anyone in the current administration that knows what the hell they are doing. That includes not only in the financial field but in foreign policy, the military or dealing with people outside the party faithful.

A tax cheat for a Treasury Secretary, but no staff. The whole process from nomination to approval is in a shambles. Obama’s expansion of the NSC into the areas of State and the military looks to me like he is building a Potemkin Cabinet with the real power being in the staff of the NSC, who face no hearing process. That’s kind of scary.

Frankly, I am not feeling any attempt at leadership coming from the White House. He has let Congress and especially Nancy Pelosi call the shots in enacting his budget. She has larded it up with a veritable Democrat wish list from the past 40 years.

People were upset with the spending by Bush and the Republicans but it doesn’t look like the Democrats think that anger could be applied to them. Worst of all, most of the changes Obama is proposing are permanent. There is virtually no chance that, having enacted them. a later Congress could do away with them. Hell, no one has been able to get rid of the Energy Dept despite the fact that they have not done anything to make energy cheaper or more widely available. In fact, under the current administration their mission seems to be to kowtow to the environmental lobby. They seem to think the all our energy needs could be met by Tofu Ranchers and Unicorn Herders.

Suffice it to say that I do not have a warm and fuzzy feeling about this. It appears to me that Obama is moving us toward a more centrally controlled authoritarian system. Socialism or a Mussolini type of fascism. Both are inherently authoritarian and I care for neither.

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