Washington Post Style Reporter: The Peasants Are Revolting! And Badly Dressed.

Robin Givhan: At Health-Care Reform Gatherings, Clothes Speak Loudly, Too – washingtonpost.com

By and large, the shouters are dressed in a way that underscores their Average Guy — or Gal — bona fides. They are wearing T-shirts, baseball caps, promotional polo shirts and sundresses with bra straps sliding down their arm. They wear fuchsia bandannas and American-flag hankies wrapped around their skulls like sweatbands. A lot of them look as though they could be attending a sporting event and, as it turns out, the congressman is the opposing player they have decided to heckle. If not for the prohibition on signs and banners inside these meetings, one could well expect to see some of these volatile worker bees wearing face paint and foam fingers, albeit the highlighted digit would be one expressing foul displeasure rather than competitive rank or skill level.

As usual Robin finds that ordinary people in general and conservatives in particular do not live up to her exacting standards.

You recall her shocked sermon on the way the Supreme Court Justice John Roberts family was dressed at his swearing in.

I can’t seem to find the column where she gave us her judgment on either Bush protesters or ACORN “organizers”.

Just an oversight, I’m sure.

But wasn’t it Nancy Pelosi that pointed out that the Health Care protesters were “too well dressed”?

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