If They Can Make You Buy Health Insurance; Is There Anything They Can’t Make You Buy?

Asked About Where The Constitution Forces Americans To Buy Health-Insurance Speaker Pelosi responds “Are You Serious”?

This is a HUGE question that needs to be explored. Unfortunately it is being treated as a “gotcha” and everyone is moving on.

The questions should be; if the government can force you to purchase “health care”, is there anything that they CAN’T force you to buy?

Can they force you to buy your next car only from GM or Chrysler? Can they force you to buy groceries only from Organic Coops? Can they force you to buy your cable service only from companies that don’t offer Fox News?

No? Why not?

As ridiculous as all that might sound, what restrictions on their powers exist that would allow them to force you to pay for “health care” but not any of these other things?

If Congress gets away with this, what will they make you buy next? You know that our 535 little tin gods spend their days trying to make themselves more powerful. Do you really think they will stop with health insurance?

This is a question that needs to be taken seriously.

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