These Kids Really NEED An Education

Protesters gather at UCLA to oppose UC fee hike

About 30 to 50 protesters staged a takeover of Campbell Hall, a building across campus that houses ethnic studies, said UCLA spokesman Phil Hampton.

They chained the doors shut but were peaceful and there were no immediate plans to remove them, Hampton said.

No arrests had been made, although 14 demonstrators were arrested on Wednesday and cited for failure to disperse or disturbing the peace.

OMG, it’s hilarious. Of all the building to take over I can’t think of one that is less critical than the “ethnic studies” building.

Don’t they know that “ethnic studies” is code for “welfare degree”. Is there a huge “ethnic studies” industry that is clamoring for workers? Did anyone win the Nobel Prize for Ethnic Studies this year? (Obama doesn’t count)

“Ethnic Studies” could be totally eliminated without affecting the education of anyone except maybe a few football players and other “must pass” boneheads. Think of all the money they would save. That might reduce or eliminate the fee increase.

Obviously critical thinking is not a strong suit among UC students.

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