The Consent of the Governed

The Consent of the Governed

The vital role of consent in the structure of a just government is one of the most powerful ideas ever advanced by the human race. On the other hand, the belief that consent can be manufactured by democratic majorities is one of the most cherished illusions of activist government. The dissent of a minority is not rendered irrelevant by victory in a popular vote… but the health-care debate in the Senate proceeds on the assumption that victory in a parliamentary struggle between a hundred elected officials will compel the consent of the millions of citizens – now a sizable majority of the population, based on the latest polls – who strenuously object to ObamaCare. If Senate Democrats win this debate, huge amounts of your liberty will be destroyed, and vast sums of money will be seized from taxpayers… and you will not be allowed to object. Any attempt to withhold your consent from this economy-shattering, life-changing radical legislation will end with you sitting in a prison cell.

“Consent of the governed” seems to be one of those old fashioned concepts that the government, both Democrat and Republican, but more Democrat, seems to have decided to scrap as outdated. If you can get one vote more than the other guy then you’re awarded dictatorial powers over everyone.

Our present government seems to want to emulate the European Union, where decisions are made by unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats that can’t be investigated or removed by the citizenry. That might work in Europe. They have a long history of domestication. The concept of “Consent of the governed” has never held much sway there.

But American are different than Europeans. They’re much more fractious (and armed) than the Europeans. They have a sense of fairness that doesn’t mix well with pronouncements on high. If you think the “tea party” movement is loud and obnoxious now, just wait until you try to cram something lie this Health Care monstrosity down their throats. Congressmen will have to sneak back into their districts.

I can’t see anything good coming from any of this.

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