The Inmates Are Running The Asylum

Tensions Increase as Poor Nations Stage a Protest –

COPENHAGEN — Tempers flared Monday at the United Nations climate summit as poor nations staged a walkout to protest what they called inadequate aid offers from rich countries, and the U.S. and China jockeyed for position.

Hang on to your waistcoat and pocket-watch. We’re in definite “Alice in Wonderland” territory here, folks.

We have the “poor” countries, which mean the countries that are run by various dictators and oligarchs, walking out of the “Climate Conference” because they aren’t being promised enough free money from countries with economies that work.

I guess all that “Aid” money that has been given to them hasn’t helped and they need more. Gee, maybe it’s because you invested your aid money in your relatives and cronies businesses and off shore bank accounts? You know, the same place you plan to “invest” this money?

And who is going to administer these trillions of dollars to insure that it’s not going to disappear into a haze of corruption?

Why that would be the UN! You remember, the folks that did such a bang-up job of administering the Oil-for-Food money that ended up in Saddam Hussein’s treasury?

OK, if you’re so worried about this “Global Warming” thing and think that we should be funding developing countries (they’ve been ‘developing’ since the 1950’s but never seem to arrive. I wonder why?) to become “green”, how about you send them all your money?

Or are you some kind of International cheapskate that hates poor people and wants them to starve or die from too much CO2?

I’m generous, if you can convince me that this really needs to be done, I am willing to send every cent that Al Gore has. What could be more generous than that? If it’s not enough I could be persuaded to send along all the money that Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry have. (Which would include their spouse’s money, because I believe that families should share) Maybe I could even be convinced to tap the Kennedy’s? But they have to keep some for drug and alcohol treatment, and defense lawyers, so there would be limits.

Actually, I just waiting to see how far things go before the torches and pitchforks come out. I wonder if I could corner the market on tar and feathers for when the politicians come home to explain to the voters why it would be a good thing to borrow more money from our good friends the Chinese, in order to give the money back to the Chinese to finance the ‘green’ replacements for all those CO2 spewing coal power plants they’ve been feverishly building over the last decade?

What a deal for the Chinese. They buy our bonds, for which we commit to paying them back with interest. Then we take that money anf give it back to them. I wonder? Do you have to be Chinese to get deals like this?

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