Maybe Global Warming Will Make The Trains Run On Time?

My Way News – Eurostar train services canceled indefinitely

LONDON (AP) – The only passenger rail link between Britain and the rest of Europe has been shut down indefinitely, Eurostar said Sunday, promising more travel misery for thousands of stranded passengers just before Christmas.

Services have been suspended since late Friday, when a series of glitches stranded five trains inside the Channel Tunnel and trapped more than 2,000 passengers for hours in stuffy and claustrophobic conditions. More than 55,000 passengers overall have been affected.
Eurostar runs services between England, France and Belgium. The company said Sunday it had traced the problem to “acute weather conditions in northern France,” which has seen its worst winter weather in years.

The same thing happens every winter in Portland, when the Metro has to shut down because of inclement weather.

I guess I can make an argument not to take trains because they help fight “Global Warming” except when the weather’s bad.

Maybe if we have a little more warming the trains can run on time.

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