They’re Only “Rehabbed” If They Want To Be

Picture this: Art Therapy for Terrorists –

A cushy Saudi Arabian “rehab” center where terrorists are encouraged to express themselves through crayon drawings, water sports and video games is under scrutiny after one of its graduates re-emerged as a leader in the al Qaeda branch claiming responsibility for trying to blow up an airliner on Christmas.

Said Ali al Shihri — a former Guantanamo Bay detainee who now heads the terror group al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula — obviously didn’t get to the bottom of his America-hating issues while undergoing the controversial rehab for jihadists.

This just brings out the illogic of the whole forced rehab thing.

The people in the program can only be ‘rehabbed’ if they want to be.

If they are not inclined to be changed and are fairly bright, or just cunning, they can game the system. Just as thousands of drunks and addicts game the rehab system they are forced into.

As for the treatment? I shudder to think what constitutes “water sports” in an Islamic society.

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