Help For Unions; Screw Everyone Else!

White House considers pro-labor policy for government contractors

The Obama administration is considering a proposal that would heavily favor government contractors that implement policies designed by organized labor.The “High Road Contracting Policy” would give preference to companies that adopt practices above and beyond existing labor laws. Multiple sources have confirmed the discussions, which are part of the White House’s attempt to spur economic growth through procurement reform and are driven by the Center for American Progress and the Service Employees International Union.

The proposal would advantage contractors that provide hourly workers with a “living wage”, health insurance, an employer-funded retirement plan and paid sick days. Contracting officers would weigh a company’s labor policies as a criteria for awarding the contract, along with the standard metrics: price, past performance and the ability to meet the contract’s requirements.

This is sure to spur economic growth for the Union bosses and those who are forced to kick back part of their wages to them.

But it’s a big “Screw You!” to the majority of the private sector employees who choose not to join unions.

Sounds like classic “Chicago Style” politics to me.

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