A Great Loss To The Legal Community

Monterey County Herald | 12/27/2002 | ‘Hanging judge’ dies at 73

Ellen James Morphonios, the colorful Florida judge who signed her decrees in lavender ink, kept a toy electric chair in her chambers right next to the stuffed animals and very real diapered chimp named Toto, and once from the bench congratulated a rape victim for shooting her attacker in the groin by saying, “nice shot,” has died. She was 73
[S]he became best known as the “hanging judge” and the “time machine” for the long sentences she dispensed – 60 years for a robber for whom state law recommended nine to 12, then 420 years for another, 1,197 years for another and for one a whopping 1,678. She sentenced at least 15 culprits to death.

I’m sure her passing will give relief to lawyers and felons alike.